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Personal Training

Personal training is not about some intimidating person barking orders at you and neither is it specifically for top-level athletes or celebrities.
Personal training means you exercise one-on-one with your own highly qualified fitness expert beside you to guide, advice, and motivate.
A good PT timetable begins with a special consultation with a fitness expert to establish your medical history, current level of fitness and the level you would like to achieve. Your Personal Trainer will then devise a realistic training schedule that will help you achieve the results you want without having to put your body or mind through any kind of torture!

Goal Setting
Helps to identify one's fitness goal(s)

Proper Technique
Ensures optimal benefits and avoids injury

Customized Exercise Program
Design a tailored programme to achieve one's fitness goal(s)

Personal Training means consistency = RESULTS

Optimized Workout
Meet your objectives within a specific time frame Workout at your preferred time schedule

Personal attention and motivation every step of the way